Gateway Programme

The Gateway Programme was introduced by the Government to offer structured workplace learning opportunities to senior students in decile 1 to 6 state secondary schools.

The programme provides recognition to students who complete a work placement by having their learning in the workplace assessed against unit and/or achievement standards on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF) and integrated with their current programme of study.

The integration of general education with workplace learning and assessment is key to achieving effective relationships between schools and employers. Another essential party in the relationship is the relevant industry training organisation.

Primary ITO supports this Government policy and believes it will provide the agricultureand horticulture industry with potential employees.  As such, Primary ITO is keen to work with Gateway schools and appropriate employers.

Download a copy of the Expectations of Industry Training Undertaken in Schools.

School Consent to Assess

Ideally schools should gain Consent to Assessin the appropriate field, subfield and domains (normally to Level 2).  This will allow the school to assess the competence of the students within the scope of the Consent to Assessand report those outcomes directly to NZQA.

Your current Consent to Assessscope is listed on the NZQA website under Providers.  Please refer to this information to ensure you have the appropriate Consent to Assessbefore commencing any teaching and assessment.

Should you wish to increase the scope of your school's Consent to Assess, please contact your NZQA liaison person within the school.  Questions in relation to Consent to Assessin agriculture can be addressed to PrimaryITO's Quality team, at

Primary ITO supports schools helping to prepare students for the industries we are the Standard Setting Body for. Schools who have a Quality Management System(QMS)in place, which meets the Quality Assurance Standard One for Secondary Schools, will receive upon request a letter of support for Consent to Assess, so they can teach and assess Level 2 qualifications as a minimum.

Assessment Responsibilities

Schools must take the responsibility for all assessment that is conducted under their Consent to Assess.

If arrangements are made for students to gain work experience with local farmers, it is important that the teacher oversees the training and assessment. The school has the responsibility for the assessment and reporting of results under their NZQA school code.

Some farmers in your area maybe Primary ITO assessors but their registration applies only to Primary ITO trainees employed on the farm, and not to school students temporarily working on the farm.

Engaging an External Training Provider

If the school engages an external training provider who has Consent to Assess to run a programme and assess against unit standards, then a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) must be in place between the school and external Training Provider. The external training provider will report the results under their provider code to NZQA.

Assessment Material

Primary ITO now has a number of assessment tasks available for Consent to Assess providers to use.