Train my team

Upskilling your staff helps to increase the productivity and profitability of your business. Training makes good business sense. Profit and growth is all about having the right people. People with the skills, knowledge and initiative to boost your bottom line.

Benefits of Training:

  • Enhanced workplace productivity and profitability - Trained employees have the right skills and knowledge. They’re able to take on more responsibility and make a positive contribution to your business.
  • Increased employee job satisfaction and staff retention - International research ranks flexibility around employee needs, including training, as higher than pay. Supporting your keen, young employees through a training programme helps them feel valued, encourages them to do their best and contributes to staff retention.
  • Improved health and safety in the workplace - Training and up skilling staff increases their knowledge of on farm risks and hazards and how to avoid them. Your staff will be able to carry out their activities in a correct and safe manner on your farm.
  • Support from your Primary ITO training adviser - Your training adviser will visit you and your employee regularly to plan training and set learning goals.

New Zealand Apprenticeships
New Zealand Apprenticeships are a Government sponsored scheme for those in industry employment. Apprentices receive personalised support, training plans and goal-setting sessions with an apprenticeship co-ordinator. New Zealand apprenticeship pathways are available across all our primary industry sectors.

For more information about employing an apprentice on your farm, please contact your local training adviser on 0800 20 80 20 today. Further information can be found on the Careers New Zealand website

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