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Code of Client Rights

Client Rights

  1. You have the right to be treated with respect.
  2. Your privacy and your culture, religion, social values and ethnic group will be respected.
  3. Primary ITO will not discriminate against you, coerce or harass you or exploit you in any way.
  4. You have the right to have services provided in a manner that respects your dignity and independence.
  5. You have the right to services of an appropriate standard:
    • Primary ITO will provide services with reasonable care and skill that comply with legal, professional, ethical and other relevant standards and that are consistent with your needs.
    • Primary ITO will co-operate with other agencies to promote quality and continuity of services.
  6. You have the right to effective communication with Primary ITO:
    • Primary ITO will do its best to communicate with you openly, honestly and effectively.
  7. You have the right to complain about Primary ITO in any form appropriate to you, although the complaint resolution procedures in this document will only apply if your complaint is in writing. You may make a complaint to:
    • a) The person or people who provided the services complained of; or
    • b) Any person authorised to receive complaints about Primary ITO (in most situations this will be the local training adviser); or
    • c) Any other appropriate person provided for under Primary ITO policy on dealing with complaints; or
    • d) Any other existing rights you have are not over ridden or restricted simply because the right is not included in this Code or is included only in part.


Complaint resolution process

Primary ITO’s promise

  • Primary ITO will ensure that complaints will be resolved in a fair, simple, speedy and efficient way.
  • Primary ITO prefers to make every effort to resolve complaints, with the parties involved, before it becomes a formal written complaint. However, you retain the right to make the complaint in writing at any time.
  • All written complaints will be maintained in a complaints register, with any personal information included subject to the rights contained in the Privacy Act 1993 (such as your right to access and request a correction of personal information).
  • Your complaint and the actions of Primary ITO regarding that complaint will be documented. You will receive all information held by Primary ITO which is or may be relevant to the complaint and which can be released according to the Official Information Act and Privacy Act.
  • In accepting its rights and responsibilities, Primary ITO will not act in any way that is illegal, unethical or outside the terms of any legal contracts it has.
  • Primary ITO reserves the right to pursue legal options should it be found that the complaint is vexatious or was made in bad faith.

The process for resolving written complaints is:

  1. Primary ITO will endeavour to resolve your complaint within five working days of receiving it;
  2. If the complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction within this period, Primary ITO will acknowledge your complaint in writing;
  3. The nature of the complaint will then inform how it is investigated. Investigating procedures may include:
    • a) interviewing the individual who lodged the complaint and taking statements from any others involved in the matter;
      b) facilitated discussion between the complainant and the person(s) being complained about;
      c) a review of written records such as written agreements, emails, publications, etc; and/or
      d) any other investigative methods as necessary and appropriate. If your complaint is of a criminal nature, the police will be notified.
  4. As soon as Primary ITO decides to accept that the complaint is or is not justified, you will be informed of the reasons for the decision and any actions Primary ITO proposes to take;
  5. Within 10 working days of acknowledging in writing a complaint, Primary ITO will, in writing:
    • a) Let you know whether, in Primary ITO’s opinion, the complaint is upheld or dismissed; or
      b) Let you know how much additional time is needed to investigate the complaint and, if more than 20 working days, justify why a longer period is required and inform you of how frequently to expect updates.
  6. A letter addressing all elements of the complaint will be sent to you at the conclusion of the investigation. Such a letter may also outline changes in practice Primary ITO is instigating to correct and/or improve issues highlighted.


Appeals procedure

If you are dissatisfied with how your complaint has been resolved you may appeal in the first instance to the chief executive officer:

  • Such an appeal should be made in writing as soon as you have received the advice of the decision that you wish to contest;
  • Your letter must contain a clear outline of why you are dissatisfied with the decision, supporting documentation, and copies of any correspondence from the co-ordinator of the complaint.

If you remain dissatisfied with the outcome following the review of the Chief Executive Officer, you may appeal to the board chairperson, who shall be the final point of appeal within Primary ITO.

If the board chairperson is then unable to resolve the complaint to your satisfaction, a formal complaint with the Tertiary Education Commission must then be filed.


Accessibility and Review of Primary ITO’s Code of Client Rights

The Code of Client Rights Policy is available to all staff on Primary ITO’s intranet and to the public on our website. This policy will be reviewed and updated annually.


Primary ITO compliance

Primary ITO will have carried out its responsibilities under this Code if it has taken reasonable actions in the circumstances to give effect to the rights and comply with the duties in this Code. If you believe Primary ITO has not carried out its responsibilities under this Code, Primary ITO will be required to prove that it has taken reasonable action. This means all the relevant circumstances including the client’s particular needs and Primary ITO’s resource constraints.