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Primary ITO: Knowledge to grow

Enrolment information

Eligibility and trainee fees

How do I know if I’m eligible for a course?

For most of our courses you need to be working for a primary sector employer based here in New Zealand. Some courses require you to have prior industry experience or specific workplace responsibilities. You can find this information in Courses for you and Courses for your team. Simply expand the course that you are interested in.

Do I qualify for fees-free training?

You can check if your eligible on If you left school in 2017 or 2018 you’re likely to qualify. For eligible trainees and apprentices starting in 2018, fees-free covers up to the first two years of your course.

Can I train with Primary ITO as an international student? What are the fees?

To be eligible for industry training international students must have a written employment agreement and be legally entitled to work in New Zealand, evidenced by a valid Work Visa or valid Working Holiday Visa. Please contact us for fee information.

Can I apply for a student loan to cover my fees?

No - student loans are not available for Primary ITO training. However, your employer may cover your fees, or you may be eligible to study fees-free (see question 2).

Forms and training agreements

What is a Training Agreement?

A Training Agreement is a legal document signed by the employer, a Primary ITO staff member, and trainee. By signing the agreement:

  • The employer agrees to provide training at work, and to allow staff to attend off job training or to study by distance. They also agree to make time available for formal assessment.
  • Primary ITO commits to coordinating the enrolment and to support the trainee and employer.
  • The trainee agrees to learn the skills required for the job, and participate in the training and assessment for the programme to the best of their ability.