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Primary ITO: Knowledge to grow

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Simon Lee, Mendip Hills

29 June 2020

20200629 Simon Lee

In the second of our series, we speak to Simon Lee – Farm Manager at Mendip Hills Station – about how Primary ITO on-farm learning adds value to his business. 

“I support and encourage my team to undertake training via Primary ITO to broaden their skill base and grow both personally and professionally. I attended Telford, so appreciate the value of what both theory and practical hands on learning offers. 

Over the years I have seen the confidence training has given my team as they ask more questions, which in turn puts their thoughts and understanding into perspective. I also find on-farm training provides discipline and structure to seasonal processes as my team understand why we are doing particular tasks at certain times. 

Training my team, and providing them the opportunity to advance, has taken pressure off me and my management demands as my team are able to use their initiative and take on further responsibilities as required. I am constantly surprised with their personal growth and what they do achieve in our day-to-day operations at Mendip, Spotswood and Mid Canterbury. This allows me time to step out of the business, and work on the business. 

I have found the steps, process and ongoing support to be great, the enrolment process is straight forward with clear expectation set from the get-go. Our Training Adviser also relates to my team well and understands the stages they are at throughout their progression.” 

Back in December 2015, Simon caught up with Scotty Bamford about Primary ITO training for his team – check it out here: 

Primary ITO sheep, beef and deer qualifications are available here

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