A vision of succession for our people

23 November 2020

In the next edition of our series, we talk to Richard Scholefield at Whangara Farms in Gisborne about the importance of offering training to all staff.

“We believe we need to be offering training for all our staff to provide them with the skills to perform at a high level within our business, but also out in the industry when they move on from Whangara Farms.

We have a vision of internal succession for all of our senior roles, and training plays an important role in getting staff ready to take advantage of this.

We should all be striving to encourage more young people into the industry and if they can see learning/training opportunities as they work….it will help. The on/off job process required regular visits to ensure the staff are on track and at the appropriate level for their day to day farm tasks, that they then are assessed on.”

As of 1 July 2020, the Government will cover training fees until 31 December 2022. Full details including eligible programmes can be found here. You can also view all Primary ITO sheep, beef and deer qualifications here.

Contact us on 0800 20 80 20 to talk to your local Training Adviser and see how the growth of your people can add value to your business.