How on-farm learning is adding value to the business

3 November 2020

In the next edition of our series, we speak with Vet Services Hawke’s Bay Deer Farmer, Richard Hilson, about how on-farm learning adds value to his business, and his team’s future employer businesses. 

“It has been really good for our shepherd to get off farm and meet like-minded people. We have had great feedback from her and all of her study is up to date. The resource that is provided is really well written and a great tool to read and be able to refer back to. 

As we don’t expect our younger shepherds to stay with us forever, we see training staff as adding value for the next employer – “industry good” really. Training like this helps young people grow and fits with the appraisal, reward and recognition type processes with buy in and commitment from both trainee/employers. 

The value to our business is us knowing we are making someone a better farmer; therefore, the returns are ongoing. Our experience with Primary ITO has been enjoyable and we would offer it again to any young shepherd coming on board. Training is great at opening doors for young people now as they move through the industry.”

As of 1 July 2020, the Government will cover training fees until 31 December 2022. Full details including eligible programmes can be found here. You can also view all Primary ITO sheep, beef and deer qualifications here.

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