Staff needing the training to get ahead as farming gets more technical

14 December 2020

In the final of our series, we speak to Matt Iremonger – General Manager at Willesden Farms, and a key member of our Primary ITO sheep beef and deer ‘Industry Partnership Group’ – about how on-farm learning adds value to his business.

“Farming has become more technical over time, and therefore the staff we need to operate a farm need to be more highly skilled, and these skills increasingly need to be acquired through formal training – training and staff development is integral to farm business success.

To operate this farming business at a high level we value well trained staff, with high competency, that contribute fully in the operation – this requires us to employ staff that can make their own informed decisions using their training, not just execute instructions. The contribution that trained staff are able to make has a direct value impact on performance and therefore business profitability. 

On-farm training is a critical aspect; this provides an ability to train when often there is a geographical challenge in attending courses off-farm, and the training has a direct relationship to the activities that are being undertaken at work, which enhances both the actual learning and the enjoyment and motivation to learn.”

As of 1 July 2020, the Government will cover training fees until 31 December 2022. Full details including eligible programmes can be found here. You can also view all Primary ITO sheep, beef and deer qualifications here. 

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