Kiwi career seekers: get heaps more than a job

Forget what you think you know. The next generation of Kiwi Careers is here. The roles are as diverse as Kiwis are, with each industry needing a mix of skills and personality types.

When you sign up to PIPI, you’ll get:

  • More job certainty
  • Training if you need it
  • A pathway into a career
  • Life-long learning opportunities
  • Work that aligns with your values
  • A boss who cares about your future
  • A knowledgeable and experienced mentor
  • Ongoing support from the PIPI team

Whether you’re new to the job market, ready for a change, or want to use your existing skills to have a big impact, we bet we’ve got something for you. 

New Zealand’s primary industries are one of our biggest contributors to GDP – they’re not going anywhere, and they need you.

FAQs for the career curious