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Website Terms and Conditions

You need to know the following things about this website.

This website belongs to us

This website and its content are Primary ITO’s copyright.

You cannot do any of these things in any form or by any means:

  • reproduce any part of the website
  • store any part of the website.

You may only do these things if we have agreed in writing or if the Copyright Act 1994 allows you to.

We do our best to make sure information is accurate

We’ve made every reasonable effort to keep the information on our website current and accurate. We’ve gathered the information in good faith.

Where appropriate, we’ve added external links to help you, but we’re not responsible for the content or condition of external sites.

Providers - Terms and Conditions

Read our terms and conditions for working with providers [PDF, 307KB]

Employers arranging Training - Terms and Conditions

Employers arranging training (Company) [PDF, 294KB]