Resources and support for Workplace Verifiers.

Verifier’s Role

Verifiers play a key role in supporting learners throughout the training and assessment process in primary industries and are usually a supervisor, team lead, manager, or a person with sound knowledge of the assessment topic.

Verifiers are used because of their subject matter knowledge and their frequent on- job access to a learner. They can observe learners when assessors are not available.

The main job of a verifier is to decide if the learner is consistently completing practical tasks to the required standard. This involves verifiers observing and questioning whilst the learner performs activities/tasks and giving feedback on the performance being witnessed.

Verifiers guide and assist learners in their collection of evidence, and therefore play a key role in supporting learners to achieve their qualification.

They give evidence to assessors and help assessors decide whether learners meet the standard.

Professional Development Workshops

The Academic Integrity Team is running a series of workshops across the country to upskill Verifiers. These workshops will be interactive and practical in nature with the aim of making your job easier by sharing practical tips and real-world examples that you can implement in your own verification practices.

For more details and to register, click on the relevant link for the workshop you would like to attend. (We will confirm your registration by email.)





22 Jun

Dairy (Verifiers)


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NOTE: Further workshop dates and locations will be published for the second half of the year in May.

Where there are insufficient numbers, workshops maybe cancelled, postponed, combined, or put online.

Online Training for Mahi Tahi Verifiers (Only)

Introduction to Mahi Tahi, our learning management system. Topics include: 

  • navigating Mahi Tahi
  • an overview of assessments in Mahi Tahi
  • how to verify assessment evidence

Register for one of our online training sessions using the links below: 

Videos for Verifiers

These videos aim to provide you with information, tips, and tricks around verification in the workplace.

Verification of assessments

How to complete assessment verification records

For more information on assessment and moderation see our Assessors page.