New Amenity training programme has options for all

5 April 2023

Featuring more choice and up-to-the-minute techniques, Primary ITO’s new amenity training programmes promise a more hands-on focus for people passionate about caring for parks, gardens and open spaces.

Primary ITO Sector Manager for Sports Turf, Amenity and Nursery Tom Antscherl says a new Level 4 New Zealand Certificate in Amenity Horticulture is ready to go, and a Level 3 certificate is close to being launched.

“We’ve developed the new programme for people working in parks and gardens who want to get ahead in their career by focusing on the specialist, hands-on skills needed.

“We had strong feedback from industry that there are plenty of options for learning about people management but what was needed was specialist skills for training in amenity – it’s for people who are passionate about establishing and taking care of parks and gardens.”

Around New Zealand, around 400 people are already training in amenity horticulture and Tom expects that the new Level 4 programme will give them more choices to progress.

“Amenity is an extremely diverse area and an interesting one to train in because it’s so vast. You might be working in a botanic garden, a public park, somebody’s huge private garden, a commercial space or a cemetery.

“The options are huge and that means the training options have to be too. We’ve worked hard to do that, with replanting of native areas, tree health, maintaining plant collections and setting up plant displays some of our new options.”

The variety of amenity means that people also need to have a good level of training in some areas that have their own standalone programmes – like arboriculture and sports turf. Tom says the amenity programme ensures that people can focus on the areas that are important to them, with a proportion of the training having new optional topics.

Primary ITO has specialist horticulture training advisers up and down the country, including people with strong industry experience in amenity who can discuss the right programme for businesses.

For more information or to enrol, complete the contact form below and we’ll connect you with your local amenity Training Adviser.