New rural pest programme with map, data and communication skills

26 April 2022

If you work in rural animal pest control, you need to know how to stay safe and work productively. That’s where the ‘refreshed’ New Zealand Certificate in Rural Pest Operations comes in.

Focusing specifically on the animal side of rural pest control and rural pest monitoring, the updated programme will help keep you and your team safe while contributing to the biosecurity and natural beauty of New Zealand’s rural environment.

A key change in the programme is the inclusion of traditional navigation methods, which industry recognises as a must for people working remotely and often by themselves. Map reading and compasses are now in the programme, along with technological solutions like GPS and altimeters.

“Industry asked for the programme to go old school in case the GPS fails,” says Primary ITO sector manager for primary services Tanya Ingram. “People still need to be able to find their way out when they’re literally on a mountain or 20km out in the bush, or under trees and not be able to see landmarks.”

Other updated features of the programme include documentation, which Tanya says is increasingly important.

“In the pest world, the whole job revolves around data and proving the work has been done – whether that’s traps being set or the number of species being monitored.”

Some of the basics of the programme include identifying and controlling different types of pests and how to carry out pest operations to contribute to biosecurity and public enjoyment of the areas. Operating vehicles in the specific rural environment is also a key outcome.

The training programme takes 10 months to complete, is solely on-the-job learning – where everything you do is also part of your day-to-day work.

To find out more and to enrol in the refreshed programme, contact us today.