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3 July 2024

From tractors to quad bikes and everything in between. Get yourself or your team trained with our hugely popular vehicle and machinery micro-credentials in 2024.

Skilled staff are safe staff. And with the right investment in your people, you’ve a team of happy, loyal experts who are a real asset to your business. 

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We have eight vehicle and machinery micro-credentials that offer bite-sized pieces of learning. You, or your staff, can enrol anytime and gain the knowledge required to operate vehicles and machinery while working in any role within the primary industries. 

Note: learners must be employed in the sector to enrol in these micro-credentials.   

Micro-credential options include: 

  • Operate a light 4WD vehicle on road 
  • Operate a light 4WD vehicle off road 
  • Safe use of chainsaws 
  • Tree Felling Techniques (note: learners must first complete Safe use of Chainsaws) 
  • Operate a Tractor 
  • Operate a Light Utility Vehicle (LUV) 
  • Operate a Motorcycle 
  • Operate a Quad Bike 

Why train with us?

  • We’re the leaders in work-based training and all our qualifications are NZQA recognised and approved. 
  • Courses start from as little as $250. 
  • Training is mostly worked-based, with just one or two days off-site, so there’s less worries about being short-staffed  
  • Courses are designed as stand-alone modules but also work well in combination with each other. Your staff can do just one, or do them all. 

Whether you’re an agricultural contractor, farm assistant, junior shepherd, pest control operator, orchardist, DOC worker, equine specialist or working in viticulture – whatever the job, gain the skills required to safely operate your tools and get the job done. 

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