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News Article photos 300 x 270 px 0048 Tom Belworthy Lewthwaite
Helping To Keep A City Looking Beautiful

20 December 2017

Tom Belworthy can walk down almost any street in Wellington and admire his handiwork which is on display for all to see.

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Primary ITO Study Helps Chrissy Climb Straight To The Top

8 December 2017

She is a five times world tree climbing champion but Chrissy Spence still remembers her first ever arboriculture job when she realised she was “petrified” of heights.

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Helping Grow The Next Generation Of Gardeners

29 November 2017

Most Kiwi teens wouldn’t have a clue what amenity horticulture involves – but Pippa Lucas is determined to reach out through social media and show young people the exciting opportunities that exist.

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Training Helps Auckland Botanic Gardens’ Staff To Thrive

25 October 2017

Auckland’s Botanic Gardens are promoted as a place “where ideas grow” – and that rings as true for the staff as it does for the plants and the visiting public.