Interested in on-job training?

Check out what a few of our learners had to tell us about the value of training.

Whether you’re working on a farm, in the orchard, on a crop, in the vineyard, with the hives, in the nursery or gardens, there’s a few excellent reasons why you should consider on-job training, progress your career and get in touch:

  • Earn while you learn and get qualified.
  • More skills = more career opportunities. Set yourself apart from others competing for new roles.
  • You’ll understand the “why” behind tasks. 
  • Off-job theory classes give you an opportunity to connect with likeminded peers, share learnings, establish valuable networks and gain lifelong friends. 
  • We want you to succeed! Your Training Adviser will help you set goals every three months with your employer, and it’s your chance to provide feedback on your new skills/knowledge and how you’re progressing.
  • We also have literacy and numeracy support available for you.

Don’t just take our word for it – check out what a few learners from the dairy, amenity, nursery and sheep/beef industries had to tell us about the value of training.