New Zealand Apprenticeship in Landscape Construction

Level 3 and Level 4


Level of study

Level 3 and Level 4

Cost (incl GST)



32 months


Learners must be employed in the sector.

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The new Landscape Construction apprenticeship programme is for those who are new to the industry and have a desire to develop a career in landscape construction.

Learning outcomes

Starting with Level 3, following completion graduates will be able to:  

  • Work as an effective team member using a range of effective communication and interpersonal skills and apply safe work practices. 

  • Apply knowledge of site requirements for hard and soft landscaping and carry out routine tasks associated with implementing landscape projects. Topics include:

    • Assisting with the site set up.

    • Understanding materials required, preparing an order of materials for timber landscape features and constructing these features.

    • Identifying the physical characteristics, and range of, plants used in amenity horticulture, selecting and planting plants and applying mulches.

    • Understanding of water flow and drainage systems, and preparing and laying drainage elements. 

    • Operating and maintaining power tools and small machinery used. 

    • Understanding the use of concrete and reinforcing and laying of hard surfaces. 

    • Identifying and sowing turfgrass seed or laying turf areas. 

Upon the completion of Level 3, learners will undertake Level 4 of the apprenticeship which has recently been redeveloped. The new programme has new topics and a brand-new graduate outcome. Therefore learners, with the support of their employer and Training Adviser, can develop a programme that is suitable to support their career progression and the capability needs of the business. 

Graduates will be able to:

  • Supervise and provide instruction to staff using a range of effective communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Apply knowledge of hard and soft landscaping and site-specific requirements to schedule site activities and construct a landscape from plans. Topics include:
    • Plan and construct timber features.
    • Prepare for and lay a range of hard surfaces.
    • Prepare for construction of a landscape design from drawings. 
    • Determine, and supervise the implementation of, earthwork requirements for a project. 
    • A brand-new topic has been created to develop, monitor and evaluate a workflow programme for landscape site work.
    • Optional topics include:
      • Describe metals and construct and install metal features. 
      • Install rock as features.
      • Describe and install landscape lighting and lighting units.
      • Construct brick and block features. 
      • Construct retaining structures and reinforced concrete structures.
      • Install an irrigation system.
      • Describe, identify and select plants.  
    • A brand-new optional topic has been added to describe amenity turf cultivars, and turf management.  

 The new Level 4 programme also includes the addition of a brand-new graduate outcome to:

  • Develop sketches of a range of hard and soft landscape features for on-site use to assist interpretation and implementation of landscape plans and develop materials lists.   

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