New Zealand Apprenticeship - Sports Turf

Level 3 and 4


Level of study

Level 3 and 4

Cost (incl GST)



39 months. Starts in Summer (Level 3) and the following January (Level 4).


Learners must be employed in the sector.

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In the first year of the New Zealand Apprenticeship, learners will acquire all the knowledge and skills to carry out routine tasks. In the second and third years, learners will learn to implement a sports turf management programme, develop a deep understanding of maintenance requirements, establishing a turf surface and controlling pests and diseases, and preparing budgets.

Learning outcomes

Graduates will be able to:

  • apply knowledge of supervision and provide instruction to engage with team members using a range of effective communication and interpersonal skills relevant to a horticulture sector
  • develop and implement annual sports turf maintenance plans consistent with enterprise and sports turf specifications
  • implement sports turf workplace health and safety, and risk management plans.

New topics for 2024 developed specifically for the sports turf industry, and at Level 4, acknowledging the technical skills required when working in a senior sports turf role include:

  • determining and allocating costs for an activity within a sports turf business, preparing a budget and justifying recommendations
  • knowledge of soil properties and the effect on turf plant growth
  • understanding the use of artificial surfaces
  • an understanding of the desirable playing surface for the sports area and what they need to do to meet these requirements
  • developing an integrated annual maintenance plan and documenting progress
  • in-depth knowledge of the fertiliser programme, reviewing and modifying this as required
  • overseeing the sports turf irrigation system including the operation, adjustments and maintenance.

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