How our training works if you’re an employer

We'll help you to grow the skills of your staff, with our on-job training programmes, support and resources.

The quickest, smartest way to grow your business is to build the capabilities of your people. Well-skilled, knowledgeable staff achieve more, give more, and stay longer.

When your people grow, your business grows.

Our programmes are specifically designed for each industry and to get the best from your staff. 


We’ll support you and your staff throughout their training

We'll help you to choose a programme that is fit-for-purpose, and equips your staff with the right skills, knowledge and experience. Then we’ll work with trainees and external training providers to support your staff to complete their programme. We also help with assessments and ensuring all the evidence and learning modules in our resources are completed. 

Staff train on the job

Training and assessment happen in the workplace, so your staff can learn on the job with real-world industry experience. About 70% of all learning takes place at work through on-the-job learning. The rest is made up of coursework, training, coaching, mentoring, and peer networks.  

Your role

To get the best from the training, you’ll need to give your staff opportunities to learn, grow, and practice their skills. Invest time to support your staff and let them attend off-job training courses, if required. 

Someone, maybe you, will also need to verify your staff’s abilities, confirming they can put what they’ve learned into practice. This usually involves questioning and observing them performing specific activities, then deciding if they meet the requirements of their programme.  

We can give your staff extra support if they need it

We can help if any of your staff need extra help to complete their programme, such as support in reading and writing.   

Learn more about the extra support we offer.

We provide other tools to support you

From connecting you with new recruits to providing standardised health and safety training –  we aim to make it as easy as possible for you to grow a competent workforce. 

Our training includes health and safety

We include health and safety training in all National Certificate, New Zealand Certificate and Diploma training.  

Government funding available

There is currently some government funding and support available to help subsidise some programme fees and support employers through the apprenticeship boost scheme.

Explore more about government funding.

What if my staff member is on a work visa? Can they train?

From 1 January 2023 only work-visa holders who meet specific immigration criteria can enrol into an approved programme and receive funding on the same basis as a domestic learner. 

  •  Work-visa holders must be employed through an Immigration New Zealand ‘Green List’ occupation or via a Sector Agreement
  • If they meet the above criteria they can enrol into one of the programmes approved for that sector by TEC. The list of programmes is here.

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