Reaching for the top

2 February 2023

An all-new arboriculture programme is the final piece of training for technical arborists wanting to reach the top in their trade.

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The Level 5 New Zealand Certificate in Horticulture Services – Arboriculture (Technical Operations) is in response to industry needing a final qualification to become a trained technical arborist.

“This is a great way to develop your career,” says Mark Orr, Primary ITO sector manager for landscaping and arboriculture. “It’s the final practical pathway for advanced technical training, including things like advanced tree climbing and rigging and understanding tree support systems.”

A specific focus of the programme is machine-assisted felling and working with cranes. They’re areas which aren’t covered in earlier training and set graduates up with the best possible skills. Other areas covered are knowing the application of law to Arboriculture, understanding transplanting of large trees, carrying out a tree inspection and leading and managing teams.

Like all industry training, learning those skills depends on being with an employer that can support on the job learning.

Primary ITO has a specialist team of training advisers who have experience as arborists to support on-the-job learning, and off-job block courses will be delivered by Wintec throughout New Zealand.

The new programme is the first of two new arboriculture programmes to be launched before the middle of 2023, with the second one focusing on supervisory skills. Primary ITO has worked with industry for two years to develop the programmes.

For more information or to enrol, complete the contact form below and we’ll connect you with your local arboriculture Training Adviser.