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If you’re interested in enrolling with us, this page tells you about eligibility, how to enrol, what support you can get, and more.

For most of our programmes, you will need to already be working in the sector. Your employer must also be comfortable that you’re training because they (or someone in the business) will play a key role in helping you learn.

Some programmes require you to have experience in the industry or specific workplace responsibilities.  

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If you aren’t employed, check out our new to industry page. You will find some careers information and job search websites that are available across the primary industry sectors.

How to enrol if you work in agriculture or horticulture

If you want to enrol in our training, talk to your employer first and make sure they’re comfortable with you training. 

Once you contact us, we will organise a visit from one of our Training Advisers who will come to your workplace to discuss your training options.

Contact us to organise a visit or phone 0800 208020

If you work in other parts of the primary sector

If you are looking to enrol into a programme in any of the following sectors, you should engage directly with your employer who will work with our specialised Sector Managers to sort out your enrolment. 

Meat Processing, Seafood Processing, Dairy Processing, Energy and Chemical, Pest Operations, Animal Care, Equine, Rural Servicing. 

There are specific training agreements for these sectors which can be found on the programme pages for each.

We’ll support you throughout your training 

We help you and your employer to choose a programme that is fit-for-purpose, and equips you with the right skills, knowledge and experience. Then we’ll work with you and sometimes with external training providers to support you to complete your programme. We also help with assessments and ensuring all the evidence and learning modules in our resources are completed. 

Train on the job 

Training and assessment happen in the workplace, so you can learn on the job with real-world industry experience. About 70% of all learning takes place at work through on-the-job learning. The rest is made up of coursework, training, coaching, mentoring, and peer networks. 

You do not need to be employed if you’re a school student 

If you’re currently a high school student, you don’t need to be employed to enrol with us. 

See what options are available to school students.  

You may be able to get help to pay for your training 

You may be able to get help to pay for your training.

Fees Free

If you’re a first-time learner, Fees Free is another initiative may give you up to 2 years’ free training. 

Learn more and find out if you’re eligible for Fees Free

What if I am on a work visa - can I train with you?

From 1 January 2023 only work-visa holders who meet specific immigration criteria can enrol into an approved programme and receive funding on the same basis as a domestic learner. 

  • Work-visa holders must be employed through an Immigration New Zealand ‘Green List’ occupation or via a Sector Agreement
  • If you meet the above criteria you can enrol into one of the programmes approved for that sector by TEC. The list of programmes is here.

 For more information please Contact Us

We can help you with apprenticeships 

An apprenticeship in the primary sector is a fantastic opportunity to build your skills and knowledge while you’re working. We offer plenty of support to help you undertake your apprenticeship. 

Learn more about apprenticeships. 

We can help you with reading and writing 

We’re a dyslexia-friendly organisation and can provide support and resources to help you finish your training. 

Learn more about our reading and writing support.

We can help you if English is your second language 

We can help you find online English lessons and direct you to your nearest English Partners, who can help you learn English.  

We can suggest translation apps and direct you to Pathways Awarua, who can help you improve your basic English literacy. 

You can get our training handbooks in English, Hindi, Samoan, Spanish, and Tagalog.

We’ll work with your employer to support you in your training

We'll help you to choose a programme that gives you the skills, knowledge and experience you’re looking for. We then work with your employer and external training providers to help you complete your programme. Once you’ve completed a programme, talk to your Training Adviser and your employ