New Zealand Diploma in Primary Industry Business Management

Whether you’re an up-and-coming orchard supervisor looking to enhance your career, or a farm owner wanting to update your business skills, this diploma will help you effectively manage a successful primary industry business in today’s changing environment

Programme details

  • Level of study: Level 5
  • Courses: This diploma can be completed in a series of courses: Primary Industry Business Planning, Fundamentals of Financial Management & Planning, Financial Analysis for Primary Industries, Human Resource Management in Primary Industries, Workplace Compliance in Primary Industries, Environmental Sustainability for Primary Industries, Business Risk Management for Primary Industry, Primary Industry Strategic Analysis and Reporting. See a further breakdown of the courses here.
  • Prerequisites: Learners need to have access to a functioning primary industry business, including financial records, production data, and a property/physical environment to evaluate. Some staff management responsibilities are preferred but not essential.
  • Funding: May be eligible for Government Support including Fees Free. Learn more here

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Don't just take our word for it! Hear from some Diploma graduates about their experience

“Because I lead the business decisions, I need to know how to manage staff and budgets. This has given me so much confidence in these areas to achieve better outcomes." Phillip Dight, Cloudy Bay Vineyards manager.

“That is money out of my pocket so I want to know what is happening, why are we doing that and what does it cost? Now I have the skills to assess that.” West Coast dairy farmer Sian Madden

“The financial, human resources and business planning learning apply to all agricultural industries equally. The only difference is that our farm is on the water and they are farming on the ground. You use the same dollars, you deal with the same people and the complexity of operations has many things in common.” NZ King Salmon Ltd Tory Channel Te Kura te Au Regional Manager, Salvador Delgado Oro Laprida.

“It has helped me to be more up to date with cash-flow and budgeting and with decisions on what to do and where to spend money in the business. It also helps you know where you are going” Scott Adams - Coatbridge Farm

Graduate outcomes

Diploma graduates will be able to:

  • Develop, implement and review business plans for primary industry business operations to meet performance requirements.
  • Manage financial requirements using current and emerging technology to inform decision-making in a primary industry business.
  • Utilise increased interpersonal and leadership skills to plan, implement and review staff employment matters, work allocation, performance, health, safety, and well-being requirements in a primary industry business.
  • Plan, implement, and review the environmental sustainability requirements of a primary industry business.
  • Determine current business position and develop a strategic plan for the future direction of a primary industry business.

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