Never a better time to invest in yourself and your business

For the whole of 2024, nearly all agriculture and horticulture training through Primary ITO is now up to 50%* off.

This includes Level 2-5 programmes including micro-credentials such as Livestock Feed Supply and Demand or Assist with Milk Harvesting and Optimising Milk Quality.

We recognise that 2023 was a tough one for farmers and growers across New Zealand and making a significant discount on industry-leading training makes it easier to invest in what makes businesses tick – great people with the right skills.

Only applies to enrolments into 2024 Agriculture and Horticulture programmes and micro-credentials. Excludes vehicle and machinery micro-credentials. Contact us to discuss how the discount applies to your training programme. Full terms and conditions can be found here.

Contact your local Training Advisor and find out how the discount applies to your training programme by filling in the form below.

Please note, in order to train with Primary ITO, learners must be employed in the primary sectors. 

* Terms and conditions

Which programmes are eligible?

All agriculture and horticulture programmes (L2 – L5).

Does it include vehicles and chainsaw micro-credentials?

No it does not.

Does this include the New Zealand Diploma in Primary Industry Business Management?

No it does not as the learner is enrolled with either Wintec or Ara, not with Primary ITO (but the learner will still receive support from Primary ITO). For more information on the Diploma in Primary Industry Business Management, click here.  

When does this start?

Any agriculture or horticulture programme/micro-credential enrolment that has a start date from 1 January 2024 to 31 December 2024.

Does this discount apply to non-domestic (non-funded) learners?

This 50% fee reduction only applies to domestic learners. Non-domestic learners are still governed by Government policy. For more information on the different funding policies, visit the Tertiary Education Commission website here. 

NZ Apprenticeships

The 50% off will only apply to the duration of the programme that the learner has enrolled in before 31 December 2024. For example, if a learner enrols in one of our apprenticeships that includes 2 x qualifications ie a level 3 and a level 4 qualification, they will only get 50% discount off the level 3 programme because they will not have started the level 4 part of the programme until after 31 December 2024.

Am I still able to get the Fees Free if I am eligible?

Yes. Click here for more information on Fees Free.

Can employers still get the Apprenticeship Boost?

Yes. Click here to learn more about the Apprenticeship Boost.