New Food processing programmes for meat processors

10 July 2023

Primary ITO | Te Pūkenga has launched two brand new programmes for people working in food processing quality roles and learner resources are ready to deliver these in the meat processing industry.

New Zealand is highly regarded internationally for its premium quality meat products and our reputation when it comes to food safety is critical to the on-going growth and success of this market, both offshore and at home.

The new on-the-job programmes have been developed with industry experts, incorporating the latest legislative requirements around food safety and quality assurance requirements. The programmes can be tailored to meet the needs of each workplace, with some optional unit standards that cover different areas of knowledge.

The first qualification – New Zealand Certificate in Primary Products Food Processing Product Quality Implementation strand – is a Level 3 qualification designed for people working in roles responsible for food safety and quality control. It is suitable for people with at least 12 months experience in the workplace and takes six months to complete. The programme includes knowledge about risk management programmes, food safety using Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) applications, and requirements for producing Halal food products.

The next step for those working in quality management or HACCP coordinator roles is the new New Zealand Certificate in Primary Products Food Processing Level 4 qualification that focuses on Product Quality Auditing. It includes planning, procedures, and audit requirements for performing a high-level food safety audit to meet export market requirements, HACCP applications, Halal certification and more. This qualification takes eight months to complete.

“These qualifications provide a level of confidence that staff have the knowledge and capability to manage the food product from the time it arrives for processing to when it leaves ready for the customer,” says Mike Rutherford, Primary ITO Sector Manager for meat processing.

“We are the first provider to offer these programmes, with all learning and assessment completed in the workplace. It’s about building capability of the team and being able to demonstrate that staff have the right skills to ensure food safety.”

The Primary Product Food Processing Level 3 and 4 programmes will eventually be available across multiple sectors including dairy processing and horticulture (post-harvest). Resources are currently being developed for an additional programmes focused on Environmental Systems.

For more information or to enrol your team, complete the contact form below and we’ll connect you with your local meat processing Training Adviser.