New Vehicle short courses

28 June 2021

Are vehicles part of your job? Do your staff need vehicle skills?

The four new vehicle micro-credentials are bite sized pieces of learning. You, or your staff, can enrol anytime and gain the knowledge required to operate vehicles while working in any role within the primary industries – and right now they’re covered under the Government’s Free Trades Training!*

Micro-credential options include:

  • Operate a Tractor
  • Operate an LUV
  • Operate a Motorcycle
  • Operate a Quad Bike
  • Operate a 4WD

Whether you’re an Ag contractor, Farm Assistant, Junior Shepherd, Orchardist, DOC worker, equine specialist, or working in viticulture – whatever the job, gain the skills required to operate a tractor, LUV, Motorcycle or Quad Bike today.

If you or your staff member are currently already enrolled in a programme with Primary ITO, please contact your Training Adviser about whether vehicles are already a part of that programme or whether you should be completing one or all of these micro-credentials as well. This is important because there may be implications for some employers if you are receiving the apprenticeship boost (as an example) and have your staff enrolled in two programmes at once.

Get in touch with us so we can discuss our New Vehicle Micro-credentials.

* Free training only available up until December 2022. If the programme duration goes longer or you have staff enrolled in multiple programmes at once, some fees will apply.