Primary ITO receives Minister's recognition

17 June 2019

Primary ITO has received the Minister of Education’s seal of approval to continue its work as an industry training organisation.

Under the Industry Training and Apprenticeships Act, ITOs apply for “recognition” every five years, undergoing a thorough check by central agencies and requiring them to seek indications of support from relevant sectors.

“It is great news that the Minister has approved Primary ITO’s ongoing coverage of our agriculture, horticulture, processing and services sectors,” says Primary ITO chief executive Linda Sissons.

The Government is currently considering its proposals for the Reform of Vocational Education (RoVE). Under those proposals, there could be changes for industry training, including the replacement of ITOs with new industry skills bodies.

“Fresh recognition shows that industry believes Primary ITO is doing the work needed and it’s an acknowledgement that industry training works for the primary sector,” says Dr Sissons.

“We received strong backing from our employers for the work we do developing training and making sure it’s available for trainees where and when they need it.

“We’re extremely grateful that major industry players like Federated Farmers, Beef + Lamb NZ, SPCA, Fonterra, PGG Wrightson, Ngai Tahu Farming, the Dairy Women’s Network, Dairy Holdings Limited and the Meat Industry Association all took the time to tell the Government that industry training is meeting their needs.”

“The primary industries are New Zealand’s biggest export earner and their future will be driven by innovation and adding value. Providing the right training is an essential part of that.”

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About Primary ITO and recognition

The Primary Industry Training Organisation is charged with leading the training of people in our largest export sector. The future of farming, fishing, horticulture and processing will be driven by innovation – not just scale. Our job is to lead training, accelerate the pace of innovation, improve farming, fishing and horticulture practices, and deliver more profitable growth. We have 22,000 people in training.

The sector is growing, our need for skilled workers has never been higher. To succeed, people in our primary sector must reflect the impeccable standards of food safety, produced with low carbon sustainable production practices, and the highest standards of animal and fish welfare that both society and the world expect of us.

The notice of recognition for Primary ITO covers industries including agriculture, animal care and handling, animal products inspection, baking yeasts manufacturing, dairy processing and manufacturing, equine (including racing), fellmongering, floristry, greyhound racing, horticulture, irrigation and hydrology, leather manufacturing, meat processing and manufacturing (excluding poultry), petrochemical, energy and chemical plant, rural servicing, seafood, and sports turf.