Real eggs or chocolate eggs this Easter

17 April 2022

Kiwis are well-known for their love of eggs, and while the focus might be on the chocolate variety this Easter weekend, there’s likely to be a few regular eggs on the menu too! 

Primary ITO looks after industry training in the Poultry sector, with a specific micro-credential and Level 2 qualifications available to give learners a basic understanding of poultry production processes and the requirements of the sector.  

Virginia Tocher, Sector and Training Adviser Pork and Poultry, says this is a growing industry. 

“We currently have 37 people in training with Primary ITO, with another 40 making their way through enrolments at the moment.  It is a growing industry, but it has been hit hard by Covid due to close working conditions for staff. Training has been a lower priority for businesses during 2021 and so far, this year, however it has huge potential once Omicron settles down. 

“It is a very interesting sector, with very high biosecurity requirements surrounding farms and therefore, our visits. Did you know that if you visit a poultry farm, you may be asked to shower on arrival? 

“The people are very passionate about their industry and the science behind growing, feeding and hatching is fascinating.” 

On average New Zealanders eat 230 eggs per person every year, according to the Egg Producers Federation of NZ. 

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