New Zealand Apprenticeship in Apiculture

Level 3 and Level 4


Level of study

Level 3 and Level 4

Cost (incl GST)



20 months. Start anytime. 3-5 day block course each year.


Learners must be employed in the sector.

* Programme part of Government’s Free Trades Training initiative which may mean a subsidised price.


This comprehensive programme is for people in the commercial apiculture industry who need the skills and knowledge in everything from the fundamentals of beekeeping, to managing a viable business.

Graduates of this programme can work independently or in commercial operations in a variety of roles.

This programme takes 20 months to complete, learners can start anytime and will be required to attend a 3-5 day block course each year.

Learning outcomes

Year 1

At the end of this programme, graduates will be capable of working under limited supervision with responsibility for work outcomes, and will be able to:

  • understand the bee lifecycle
  • carry out wintering down of bee hives
  • understand bee feed requirements, assess the hives and feed bees
  • extract honey and carry out honey harvesting
  • understand which plants provide feed for bees and harvest declarations
  • understand how to re-queen a beehive
  • understand swarming and how to unite and divide beehives
  • construct and repair beehives
  • transport beehives
  • understand endemic bee pests and diseases
  • carry out apiary pest and disease management plans.

Year 2

At the end of this programme, graduates will have the capability to be responsible for the following work outcomes and will be able to:

  • implement and monitor a seasonal beehive management plan
  • implement and monitor a beehive nutritional management plan
  • describe nutritional requirements and feeding regimes
  • understand the role of bees in pollination
  • understand the role of flowering plants
  • understand significant exotic bees, diseases, disorders, pests and bee management practices
  • implement and monitor a bee disease management plan
  • understand the production processes for beehive products
  • implement and monitor food safety procedures
  • analyse beehive management and make recommended improvements
  • analyse pest and disease management plans and recommend improvements.

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