New Zealand Certificate in Apiculture

Level 3


Level of study

Level 3

Cost (incl GST)



11 months. Start anytime, optimal start time is Autumn.


Learners must be employed in the sector.


Developed in conjunction with Apiculture New Zealand.

With all the fundamentals of beekeeping, learners will be hands on, learning how to extract and harvest honey and to construct, repair and transport hives. They'll also gain an in-depth understanding of the bee lifecycle, feeding requirements, pests, diseases and more.

Learners will also be required to attend a three day block course.

Learning outcomes

Graduates will be capable of working under limited supervision with responsibility for work outcomes and will be able to:

  • understand the bee lifecycle
  • carry out wintering down of bee hives
  • understand bee feed requirements, assess the hives and feed bees
  • extract honey and carry out honey harvesting
  • understand which plants provide feed for bees and harvest declarations
  • understand how to re-queen a beehive
  • understand swarming and how to unite and divide beehives
  • construct and repair beehives
  • transport beehives
  • understand endemic bee pests and diseases
  • carry out apiary pest and disease management plans.

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