Certificate in Effluent Management Planning


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Two day workshop


Certificate in Effluent Management Planning


Learners must be employed in the sector and with a minimum 2 years’ farming experience. Must manage day-to-day effluent application.


This programme includes an interactive 2-day workshop where learners will gain the skills to:

  • effectively evaluate an effluent system
  • understand the legal requirements
  • improve management techniques to create a plan
  • manage the effluent systems.

Topics covered

  • Resource consents – understanding the Resource Management Act 1991, regional plans and resource consents
  • Understanding soils – soil formation, properties types and structures, biological properties and knowledge to influence organic matter and C:N ratios, impact of systems on soils
  • Nutrient management – nutrient budgets, OVERSEER, options for managing potassium, tools to improve nutrient use on farm
  • Effluent system evaluation – choosing the right system, understanding different treatment systems, designing an effluent system, health and safety design features
  • Effluent management plans – understanding how to design an effluent management plan including record keeping, training, equipment maintenance, application mapping and contingency planning.

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