New Zealand Certificate in Seafood Processing with strands in: Fish and Fish Products (land or sea-based), Live Holding, Cleaning and Sanitation, Seafood Logistics

Level 3


Level of study

Level 3


6 months


Learners must be employed in the seafood sector and must engage in training via their employer. If you are looking for employment please go to Seafood New Zealand’s careers website.


Each programme recognises the specialist skills required for carrying out routine operations involving either seafood processing, live holding, cleaning and sanitation, or logistics in a processing operation.

All four Seafood Processing level three programmes build on the safety, hygiene and quality skills of the Level 2 programme and cover a wide range of operations across the seafood processing industry.

Key focus areas include hygiene, quality assurance and food safety requirements. Graduates will be capable of working under limited supervision with responsibility for their own work outcomes.

Employers of learners can customise the skills and knowledge to meet their organisational needs – this is known as a Limited Credit Package (LCP) version of this programme. Covering all the fundamental skills, LCPs are great taster courses for entry level employees providing a pathway towards a full New Zealand Certificate.

This programme takes 6 months.

Learning outcomes

Graduates of all strands will be able to comply with hygiene and quality assurance requirements and communicate and interact effectively within the workplace in a seafood operation.

Fish and Fish Products strand

Land or Sea Based – graduates will understand product handling practices to maintain safety and quality in a land or sea-based processing operation and will understand and undertake seafood processing activities.

Point of Sale – graduates will be capable of product handling practices and maintaining safety of seafood product quality at point of sale.

Live Holding strand
Graduates will understand the biology of a species and will be competent in preparing and/or packing live species for transport and monitoring and maintaining the live holding or wet storage of a species of seafood.

Cleaning and Sanitation strand
Graduates will understand types of contamination found in a seafood operation, chemicals used for cleaning and sanitation in a seafood operation and will be capable of cleaning equipment and environs in a seafood operation.

Seafood Logistics strand
Graduates will be able to prepare product for storage and store seafood product, prepare product, containers for receival, loading, unloading and transport and undertake loading and transport activities.


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