New Zealand Diploma in Horticulture Production (Winegrowing)

Level 5


Level of study

Level 5

Cost (incl GST)



24 months


Learners must have gained significant operational experience in the viticulture industry or have transferrable skills in horticulture production operations.  

*May be eligible for Government Support including Fees Free. Learn more here


This Programme is delivered by Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT), with the support of Primary ITO.

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Learners will build and acknowledge their skills as winegrowers with this programme designed to empower learners as leaders with a keen eye for sustainable wine-growing operations.

Much of the programme (150 hours) will be delivered through the learners’ workplace with support from Primary ITO, allowing learners to integrate the practical and work-based components in their day-to-day work. Learners will also attend one class on campus (NMIT) per fortnight or online tutorials.

Learners will develop leadership and relationship management skills that they can apply to how they work with team members or manage a team.

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Graduate Outcomes

Graduates of this programme will also be able to contribute to their workplace with the following specialist skills and knowledge:

  • Planning and managing efficient, effective, and sustainable wine-growing operations
  • Planning and executing a sustainable wine grape protection programme to achieve grape quality specifications
  • To achieve a desirable wine quality, learners will also build sustainable wine-growing techniques

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