Safe Use of Chainsaws in a Pest Control or Primary Sector Environment - Micro-credential

Level 3


Level of study

Level 3

Cost (incl GST)



3 months


Learners must be employed in the sector.

* Programme part of Government’s Free Trades Training initiative which may mean a subsidised price. Get in touch to learn more.


Suitable for those working with chainsaws. Learners will be set up with the knowledge, skills, rules and requirements to operate a chainsaw safely in a primary industry environment and/or as part of a wilding pines pest control programme.

This programme consists of a two-day workshop and is designed to enable the recognition of entry level skills and knowledge needed within chainsaw operations.

Topics are:

Rules for chainsaw use:

  • safety features
  • maintenance and operation
  • transport of flammable liquids in vehicles
  • refuelling
  • PPE and equipment
  • first aid.

Using a chainsaw:

  • condition of chainsaw, testing and basic starting techniques
  • disassemble and reassemble chainsaw
  • risks and reactive forces
  • kickback, causes and control
  • pre-start checks
  • starting location checked
  • approved starting method used
  • chainsaw checked for operating condition
  • plan and carry out basic cuts.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this programme, learners should be able to:

  • describe of the rules for chainsaw use
  • describe rules relating to the transport and use of chainsaw fuel
  • describe PPE and first aid requirements for chainsaw operators
  • disassemble and reassemble a chainsaw, identify its components, and explain their functions
  • describe the factors that influence the operation of a chainsaw
  • prepare to operate a chainsaw
  • start and test a chainsaw
  • use a chainsaw to make cuts.


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