Meat processing

Meat processing is New Zealand's largest manufacturing sector. It employs 25,000 people at more than 60 locations nationwide, and processes around 25 million sheep and 5 million cattle every year.

Job overview 

A career in the meat processing industry offers many opportunities. There are a vast array of jobs available, ranging from processing, engineering, to distribution, animal welfare and many scientific and environmental roles.

The industry offers roles for those without any formal qualifications or experience as well as for those who have undertaken training or tertiary and post-graduate study. Staff can progress over time from entry level to more senior and management roles.

The industry provides both seasonal work and stable work across the year. It is a resilient industry that provides long-term employment.

Meat process workers do a variety of tasks beyond slaughter and boning, and are relatively well paid - an experienced lead hand earns more, on average, than a primary school teacher or registered nurse with the same years of experience.

Jobs on offer

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